Korean actors are famous because of  appearance and handsome face and undoubted acting ability. Some popular Korean actor starred in the drama series usually they are also popular.

In my opinion, the following actors of Korea, the most handsome and most popular.

Lee Min ho

Korean actor who is very famous in Korea and Asian region. Lee min ho known for playing the boy over flower series as well as new drama titled the heirs. In addition to a handsome face he's also very good at playing the drama, Lee min ho in the top 10 most popular Korean actor.

Lee Jong Suk

Handsome face, and his skill in playing the drama, making lee jong suk entered the ranks of the most handsome Korean actor and most popular 2015's.

Hyun Bin

Korean actor one has to go international. Play as strom shadeow in the movie GI Joe is quite attractive to the fans GIJoe. He is one of the Korean actors who went on to become Hollywood actor.

Kim Woo Bin

Models are also the most popular Korean actor. Kim Woo Bin best known for starring in the TV series entitled the heirs along with Lee min hoo. Previously, he also starred in the series titled gentlemen dignity.

Jung Yong Hwa

Vocalist Band CNBLUE is also famous as an actor. Jung Yong Hwa name shine in 2015 as starred in many TV dramas. He became a major actor in the Korean drama TVN, which is called the three musketer.

Lee Seung Gi

Lee seung gi is a multitalented actor. Not only do plays, he is also proficient in guiding events. Naturally, if he is in the top 10 stoutest and most popular Korean actor.

Kim Hyun Joong

This one famous actor through a series of boys before flower and playfull kiss. Not only through the activities as an actor, hyun joong also a member of boyband SS501 and now he has a solo career as a singer.

Kim Soo Hyun

This one famous actor played in the series thanks to dream high. In addition he also underwent professional models.


One personnel boyband 2PM, also a talented actor. She is well known to play a role in the dream since high.

Jang Geun Suk

Jang geun suk, famous when starring in the drama, you're beautiful. Not only do plays, he can also sing and be a model.