In the adult population, estimated at less than 1% suffering from schizoid personality disorder. And a little more patient man than a woman.

Signs of schizoid personality disorder, among others:
Just a little activities that bring happiness.
Emotion, cold, flat affect.
Less able to express warmth, tenderness, or anger towards others.
Apparent indifference to praise or criticism.
Less interested in having the experience of sexual intercourse with another person (with age).
Almost always chooses solitary activities.
Dogged by excessive fantasy and introspection.
Not having a close friend or a close personal relationship, and desire to have a relationship like that.
Very sensitive to social norms and customs regulations.

Excludes: Asperger's syndrome, delusional disorder, schizoid disorder of childhood, schizophrenia, personality disorders schizopital.

Psychodynamics of Schizoid Personality Disorder

Experts psychodynamic connecting schizoid personality disorder with feeling uncomfortable in interpersonal relationships, is believed to have parents with denial and violence in children (patients).

Experts cognitive put people with schizoid personality disorder as people who have a deficiency or disorder thought process, where the mind sufferers tend to be vague and empty so that patients have difficulty concluding what is around.

Treatment of Schizoid Personality Disorder

Withdrawal of extreme social relationships of the patient and always maintain emotional distance with treatment providers, hinder the handling of Schizoid Personality Disorder.

The therapy used was cognitive therapy (to help patients in a comfortable social interaction), behavioral therapy (to help patients improve social skills), group therapy (making the patient feel comfortable with the environment), and drug therapy (slightly useful).