Every year, countless numbers of holidaymakers journey to Argentina. Coupled with a dynamic culture, and vivid urban centers, Argentina boasts the top natural South America tourist attractions. Sightseeing in Argentina ranges from galleries and monuments to beaches, mountains and glaciers. The majority of these can be visited on a smaller budget, and that is great news for people backpacking South America. Listed below are several of the best natural sites for sightseeing in Argentina.

Iguazu Falls

Signifying "great waters", Iguazu Falls is one of the top spots for sightseeing in Argentina. Precisely what makes it most interesting is actually the height, which is higher than Niagara Falls as well as the sheer volume of water coursing over the cliff. The Devil's Throat is located along both Argentina and Brazil, wherein the mist reaches as much as 490 feet. A boat adventure will get you nearer to the waterfall and water enthusiasts will definitely enjoy it. To add more excitement to the trip, you can go and visit the wildlife and flora at Iguazú National Park.

Talampaya National Park

The heritage worth of this area makes it one of the leading Argentina tourist attractions. This UNESCO World Heritage Site positioned in La Rioja is among the best parts of backpacking South America. The principle sight-seeing opportunities in the park are definitely the Lost City as well as Tampalaya Canyon that shows the earth astounding surroundings created by nature through erosion and force of the wind. The canyon has been the nesting place of condors along with other creatures such as the grey fox, falcon, vizcachas, armadillos, and more. The dinosaur bones seen within the Talampaya River ended up being a huge contribution into the finding of dinosaur progression. The environment of the park is definitely overwhelming; as a result, it's better to visit during fall or spring.

Monte Fitz Roy

Witnessing the icecaps of Monte Fitz Roy is perfect for people who really enjoy hiking. On your journey, you shouldn't skip the Patagonian Ice Field. The peaks of Fitz Roy happen to be highest in Los Glaciares National Park around close to 3,300 meters. You'll find easy tracks for inexperienced trekkers that may usually take around two or three hours. There'll be 40 significant glaciers in Fitz Roy in addition to lagoons, rivers and lakes. You can find various condors zooming over the paths too. Though many trekkers have tried to get to the summit, not many reached the top.

Tierra del Fuego

One other spot to include on your checklist is the Tierra del Fuego National Park positioned to the west of Ushuaia. A journey on the train will transport you to the area passing throughout the Pico valley and woodland. The park's well-known Beagle Channel along with its islets, flora and fauna merits going to along with the Beaver Dam, an incredible mechanism actually crafted by the beavers. Lago Fagnano, the greatest lake of the park, is an additional South America tourist spot you really do not want to overlook. Take a walk throughout the lenga woodlands to the lookout of Lapataia Bay.

Perito Moreno Glacier

An exceptional attraction, this specific glacier draws in tons of people backpacking South America. See the exclusive natural spectacle of ice detachment, where the surface of ice breaks and drops consequently evolving into small pieces of glaciers running in to the body of water. Tracks for hiking are provided for travelers to check out the ice formation. If you have extra money to expend, enjoy a wine or two and eat within the restaurant found close by. Sightseeing in Argentina is better along the frosty and mind-boggling Perito Moreno Glacier.

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