Definition of Pain According to Expert

Pain is a sensory and emotional experience unpleasant result of tissue damage that is actual or potential. Pain is the main reason for a person to seek medical assistance. Pain occurs along with many disease processes, or simultaneously with multiple diagnostic examination or treatment. Pain is very disturbing and difficult for a lot more people than any disease (Smeltzer, 2001).

Pain intensity picture of how severe the pain felt by the individual. Measurement of the intensity of pain is highly subjective and individual, and the possibility of pain in the same intensity perceived very differently by two different people. Measurement of pain with an objective approach is most likely to use the body's physiological response to pain itself (Tamsuri, 2006).

Arthur C. Curton (1983) Stating that pain is a mechanism for the production of the body, occurs when tissue is being stabbed, and causes the individual to react to relieve pain stimuli.

Corwin JE interpret pain is a subjective sensation, uncomfortable feeling usually associated with actual or potential tissue damage.

Pain is a condition or feeling of physical and mental suffering, or feelings that can cause tension. Wolf welfsel Feurst (1974)

Tamsuri 2007 defines pain as a condition that affects a person and extensions known if someone ever experienced.

Coffery mc (1979) defines pain as a condition that affects a person whose existence is known only when a person is experiencing.