Geological researchers discovered a Strange Rock-filled with tens of thousands of tiny diamonds. Strange Rock were found of mining Udachnaya Russia was seen could help researchers unravel the geological history and origins of the emergence of gemstones on Earth.

Reported by LiveScience, Thursday, December 18, 2014, Strange Rock were found in at least 30 thousand diamonds that light up when exposed to X-ray tomography scanner. Researchers say the concentration of diamond in the rock millions of times larger than a typical diamond seed, which is an average of one to six carats per tonne, or roughly one-fifth of a gram.

Interestingly, when exposed to X-rays, each mineral stone that emit different colors. For example, emit black diamond.

"Mineral Association will tell us the origin of this Strange Rock, which is indeed a strange one," said Larry Taylor, a geologist at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA.

Researchers are still not able to reveal how the diamond was formed in the belly of the Earth. Scientists think the diamond appear deep in the Earth's surface, between the layers of the Earth's crust and the core.

Well, the eruption of the volcano finally brought the diamonds up to the surface layer of the Earth. Unfortunately, on the way to the surface, some diamonds were destroyed, leaving only crystals on the surface of the Earth.

From the strange rock, tens of thousands of diamond unite in a tight binding. Meanwhile, the crystal has a height of only 1 mm, was found in the octahedral layers.

Other spots are red garnet and green olivine and pyroxene. 3D models built from X-rays, revealed when the diamond is formed after the mineral garnet, olivine and pyroxene.

Taylor said that overall, the findings suggest that diamonds crystallized from a liquid separated from subducted oceanic crust, which may consist of solid stone or peridot. This finding still harbored a mystery, including the chemical process of the formation of the diamond.

"Chemical reactions in the formation of diamonds is still a puzzle," said Taylor.

Meanwhile, another researcher who was not involved in the study, Sami Mikhail, has other explanations of chemical processes are rare.