Scope of Nursing Home Care

In general, the scope of the Nursing Home Care can be grouped as follows:
  • Medical and nursing care services.
  • Social services and efforts to create a therapeutic environment.
  • Rehabilitation services and physical therapy.
  • Information and referral to services.
  • Education, training and health education
  • Hygiene and sanitation of the individual and the environment.
  • Repair service for social activities.
According to Rice R (2001) Nursing Home Care include cases are common post-hospitalization and special cases are encountered in the community.

The common case which is the post-treatment in hospital including:
  • Clients with chronic pulmonary obstructive disease,
  • Clients with heart failure,
  • Clients with impaired oxygenation,
  • Clients with chronic injury,
  • Clients with diabetes,
  • Clients with impaired urinary function,
  • Clients with state health recovery or rehabilitation,
  • Clients therapy with intravenous fluids at home,
  • Clients dysfunction persyarafan,
  • Clients with HIV / AIDS.
While the case with the special conditions, include:
  • Clients with post childbirth,
  • Clients with mental health disorders,
  • Clients with the condition of the elderly,
  • Clients with a terminal condition.