Home health care is one kind of long-term care that can be provided by professionals and non-professionals who have received training. Home health care, which is one form of health care is a component of the range of health care sustainable and comprehensive given to individuals and families in their residence which aims to improve, maintain or restore health and maximize the independence and minimize the impact of diseases, including terminal illness. Services that meet the needs of the individual patient and family, planned, coordinated and provided by the service provider organized to provide home care through staff or contractual arrangements or a combination of both (Warhola C, 1980).

Sherwen (1991) defines a home health care as an integral part of nursing services performed by nurses to help individuals, families and communities achieve independence in solving the health problems they face. While Stuart (1998) describe the home health care as part of the nursing process in the hospital, which is a continuation of discharge planning, for clients who have time to go home from the hospital. Care at home is usually done by a nurse from the hospital initially, conducted by community nurses where the client is, or carried out by a special team to handle care at home.

According to the "American Association of Nurses' (ANA) in 1992, home health care is a combination of public health care and technical skills of the chosen specialist nurses consisting of community nursing, gerontological nursing, psychiatric nurse, maternity nurses and medical-surgical nurse. Based on the above definition, we can conclude home health care include:
  • A form of comprehensive health services aims to be more independent clients and their families,
  • Health services are provided at the client's premises by involving the client and his family as subjects who participated planning service activities,
  • The service is managed by a unit / facility / institutions both administrative aspects as well as aspects of the service by coordinating the various categories of professionals assisted by non-professional personnel, in the field of health and non health.