Restaurants with a beautiful appearance and attractive it may be frequently encountered, but there are also restaurants that feature things that are unique and certainly attract visitors to come and enjoy what is presented with a unique appearance of the restaurant.

Here are 10 of the most unique restaurant in the world.

Hello Kitty Dream, Beijing, China

In this restaurant all objects including pink walls, waiters in the restaurant wearing a doll and lots of balloons there. The food here was also known for delicious, sweet waitress in a restaurant with this provides a variety of food and drinks shaped Hello Kitty.

Cat Cafe, Jepang

Cat cafe was first established in Osaka, Japan, in 2004. This cafe is so popular with visitors, especially for cat lovers. In this restaurant, diners will enjoy a meal in the company of a herd of cats. In this restaurant, visitors can enjoy snacks and tea while having fun playing with the cats. The popularity of this cafe is up to all of Japan, eventually even cat cafe also opened abroad.

Lamberts Café, Foley, Alabama

There are unique in this restaurant, in this restaurant diners will not be visited by the waiter who delivered the order. Visitors must get ready surprised. In this restaurant the requested order will be thrown to the tables of diners. If visitors want to order another menu, stay standing, later the waitress at this restaurant will re-throw the menu were booked earlier.

Disaster Cafe, Lloret de Mar, Spanyol

Can you imagine when you enjoy dishes presented sudden earthquake. In Disaster Cafe, Lloret de Mar, Spain, visitors can feel the quake. At first glance, cafe or restaurant is not seen nothing special but once you go inside, you will be directed to the elevators that instantly brought into an underground cave restaurant theme. Try to not spill your drink.

Kayabukiya Tavern, Jepang

In this place, visitors will be served by a monkey. Two of the waiter is not a man but a pair of monkeys called Yat-chan and Fuku-chan. Both were on duty took drink orders and deliver to customers.

Ithaa Restaurant, Pulau Rangali, Maladewa

Ithaa is an exclusive restaurant that was built in 2005 under the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa Rangali Island, Rangalifinolhu, Maldives. Underwater restaurant was built using a transparent acrylic polymer bound curved enclosures, such as in parks aquarium.

Trailer Park Lounge, Manhattan, New York

This restaurant carries the stereotypical life of the trailer driver in America. Here visitors who come to enjoy classic American dishes such as burgers, which are offered at a special rate.

Hospitalis, Latvia

In this restaurant all the waiters uniformed nurses. They also usually sing and play music. Drinks will be served a "surgeon" and the food will be served in the operating room. Interestingly, to eat a meal, you should use surgical equipment.

Fortezza Medicea Restaurant, Volterra, Italia

This is a restaurant that carries the theme jail. Here will be served after sitting in the cell like a prisoner. Interestingly, here you have to eat using plastic cutlery with a very limited menu every day. This is to give you the feel that you really are in prison.

Modern Toilet, Taiwan

The restaurant design was created as a bathroom with a toilet-shaped seat. In fact, equipment for serving food there is a form of human waste. But, do not worry, the food and beverage menu at this restaurant can shake your tongue for a favor.