For children, play is a must. Playing can train the intelligence of children cognitively and emotionally. Unfortunately, limited space makes children less able to explore. Just look at the capital. Many of the children there are less able to play freely.

Children who sat silent and playing at home is not difficult to find. Neither the children are forced to play in the street or alley driveway. Of course this will harm them. The need for the public spaces are all concerned at all.

Not only to play, this park can be used to unwind for those who have been working. Even the elderly who sat on a park bench to enjoy the twilight. Playgrounds below is very interesting to visit.

Clemyjontri Playground, McLean

Playgrounds Clemyjontri, McLean is one of the park to play with the 'complete package'. Outdoor playground is divided into four areas: The Rainbow room is the area that teach children about the colors of the rainbow, The Moving and Groovin Transportation to teach balance and driving safety.

Meanwhile, The School House and Maze area that teach children about geography and the concept of time as well as the Fitness and Fun that teach children about physical strength and confidence. The fourth area is not designed with the specific mission vision. The fourth classification area designed in accordance with the developmental needs of children.

The Weevos and Evos Fitness Playground

Physical activity for children is needed. Considering children nowadays are reluctant or lazy to move. Physical activity and play outside child can also help reduce child addicted to video games. In general, children's playground consists of slides, carousels, and a seesaw. But not to the playground this one.

Playground has a concept of fitness to the means of their game. Children who play there seemed as if she were doing fitness, but it is not. Children were herded to fond of exercise.

Children can freely climb, spin and roll over. Means the game is also not designed arbitrary and has its own purpose. Such as establish a balance in children, strength, and agility. Games in the park is also ignite a child's thinking.

Nishi Rokugo, Playground with Tire Giant Robot

If in general, play facilities made of steel or metal, it will not be found in this park. All means of games in Nishi Rokugo, Japan made of rubber tires. Good slides, swings, bridges, and other games facilities.

In the park there are also dinosaurs drawn from the tire. Neither the giant robot. Many kids love it, especially for boys. Unmitigated of approximately 3000 tires found in this park.

Harmony Park Musical Playground, Brazil

Playground with theme music is very unique. Kids can play while learning a musical instrument there. For example a child may banging drums, batons, and others. To make the instrument sounds, children are required to expend energy to play. For example, patted. In addition, children can run around while hanging out and socializing with peers.

Roly Poly, Denmark

Children can play while practicing balance in this park. Roly Poly provides a means game of a row of wooden mutually connected to one another. The logs are arranged horizontally and vertically.

Children can 'climb' at the top of the timber. In addition, children can jump around or rocking on the leaves spiral like a play on the trampoline. Means game designed to make children seemed to play in the woods.

The Giant Spider and Mushrooms

The Giant Spider and Mushrooms is located in Denmark. Around the playground slide that is often used by children. A giant spider is also equipped with LED lights eye section. Thus, if the LED light this evening in a giant spider can shine.

Water Playground in Tychy, Poland

Tychy in Poland, there is a water play area with bean-shaped pool. More unique anymore, the fountains will be turned into a colorful when the evenings. Children can play splashing in the pool while enjoying the fresh air under the trees.

The Fruit and Scent Park, Swedia

Slide, seesaw, merry-go-round, and swing the game means a well-liked children. Means game is designed with a simple well-liked. Especially if they are invited to this one place. In addition to playing, children can also learn about the various kinds of fruits.

St. Kilda Adventure Playground

St Kilda is a playground favored by children in Australia. One of the most favorite playground is the pirate ship (the pirate ship) it. Not only that, there are a large wooden castle, trampoline, flying Foxs, and many others. Children can play freely and there are many alternative options game.

La Laguna de San Gabriel

In 1965, Benjamin Dominguez founded La laguna de San Gabriel, California, a public space complete with children's playground in it.

Inside there are slides and other outdoor play facilities. Even dizaman now, La Laguna de San Gabriel, like nursery perennial timeless age. Although it was built a long time, means the game can still be used.