Behind the sophistication of android phones, android phones are sometimes decreased performance or slow, if it is slow of course very annoying, especially the condition occurs when you're in dire need of something in your android phones.

To overcome android phone becomes slow, there are several ways you can do, usually the result android phone becomes slow because too many applications and games on your android phone so it takes up too much memory. Here's how you can do to resolve the issue.

Do not have too many applications
Because the number of outstanding android application of many who use the application even though many applications that have similar usefulness, so subtract the application on your android phone.

Do not use applications simultaneously
If you use too many applications simultaneously of course your android phone will be slow, so try not to open too many applications that are not useful.

Update software
In android usually a software update regularly, so always check for software updates on your android, because with the update can to improve the performance of your android phone.

Save the application in external memory
Try to keep applications and games in external memory, because if too many applications in the internal memory that can lead to slow or decline in performance of your android phone.

Turn off the applications running on the system
Many applications run by itself in the background it can be aggravating your android phone memory, so better turn off the application.

Factory Data reset
The most powerful way to improve your android phone's performance is the way the data factory reset function to reset your android phone like new again using the default application that is already in your android phone, after reset discard unneeded applications and install the application you desired pickup only do so much.