How to maintain a healthy body becomes an important thing to do in this modern era. Activity super require endurance to remain stable and awake. Always the spirit without any hindrance virus or diseases that lodged in the body is to be the desire of all people. But how? With a healthy lifestyle certainly means maintaining a healthy body becomes easier.


1. Positive Thinking
Always think positively will make a fresh mind and away from pressure or stress. Very interesting why positive thinking into the first rank in maintaining a healthy body. This is because all the activities of the body based on our thinking, and certainly thought will give effect is also good for health.

2. Eat healthy foods
Do not mind, we eat to satiety. Actual food intake is potentially too damaging to health. Keep eating, vary our diet every day that fulfilled all levels of protein, fiber, vitamins or good fats in the body. Eat real function is to provide energy to support the day-to-day activities. Requirements to get a good energy is to eat healthy foods.

3. Exercising
Exercising function moves the motor elements of our body in order to burn fat is not good, which will become disease. So often move and exercise regularly to maintain health. Avoid activities that minimal movement too much as excessive sleeping, daydreaming or watching TV all day.

4. Maintain Health
It is no doubt if you want to get a healthy body. Hygiene is part of faith. Cleanliness is beginning to build health. If you're ready for a healthy means to be ready anyway to clean. Activities that should be routinized regarding cleanliness is like brushing your teeth, bathing and washing hands.

5. Get enough rest
The body needs a break after activity. Highly unlikely if the body is forced activity days without a break. Night sleep for 7 to 8 hours is the best way to rest the body work. Often staying up late is less healthy activities. Avoid activities that staying up all too often. In addition to be lowered mood when you wake up in the morning, stay up too can lead to hypertension.

6. Adequate body's need for vitamin D
Apparently, Vitamin D is a fortress of our body from any bacteria or viruses. Often to get up early to get sunlight in the morning because there are many sources of vitamin D. Immunity our bodies will be very strong if vitamin D needs are met very well. In addition to the morning sun, it is best to eat fish, liver and eggs because these foods are a source of vitamin D.