Forget You

You are present in my life for granted,
not planned by anyone,
not forced by anyone,
and without any instructions.

We met so alone.
you appeared in my heart was granted.
I never planned,
I never forced,
and without any instructions.

Suddenly I realized that I was falling in love with you.
Everything happened just like that, flowing.

I have not been able to forget

You is not nobody.
Only a woman with a thousand simplicity.
But I like to meet with someone who dreamed this time.
A figure that makes me feel calm.
A figure that makes me believe, love is real.

You make me believe in love.
Not only that,
even you make me feel.

You're my special one

But now I was given the option to forget.
Options are ejected from your lips some time ago.

Maybe I'm just a nobody to you,
be my lover was never.
Just me who always felt.
Now you never my shade in the morning and at night enveloped my heart.
But I always feel ...
expect it.
Wish that I hope this is real,
you are willing to be shady and my blanket.

This is the love that is not up

I'm remember.
Still as usual.
Nothing is reduced from my heart for you.

And as I say,
if you really need me to forget the future,
I want everything to happen.
Not as planned,
or given instructions beforehand.

Everything just flows,
like dew drops flowing in the leaf tea, until finally it flows on the tip of the leaf ...
and dripped to the ground. Missing.