Characteristic lack of blood or commonly referred to as anemia have some symptoms that appear on someone. Anemia is a disease in which a person is deprived of blood, especially a substance known as hemoglobin. The reason of course from a variety of factors including stress and genetic factors or it could be from disturbances or other factors. When it appears certain symptoms in a person's body certainly should immediately identify the symptoms of anemia arising carefully to minimize the undesirable things happen at certain times.

Characteristics and Early Symptoms of Anemia
Below are as published by Boldsky several characteristics that need to be aware of anemia:

Characteristics and Early Symptoms of Anemia

1. Pale on the inside of the eyelid.
People with anemia usually have one of the main characteristics that arise in the eye area. Can be seen by stretching the lower part of the eyelid and then carefully looked pale if the bottom of it may be that are characteristic symptoms of anemia.

2. Feeling tired.
If someone has a red blood cell count is low, typically this will quickly feel tired due to oxidation in the body is reduced, if the red blood cells in the body is reduced. This oxidation effect on the body's energy is generated and used to move.

3. Feel headache.
One of the most common in patients with anemia is often feel headache continuously, this is due to lack of oxygen caused by a lack of red blood cells in the patient's body. So that the patient will often feel pain in the head like dizziness.

4. Experiencing Palpitations.
In patients with anemia experiencing other characteristics are palpitations. Palpitations is a medical term in the symptoms of an irregular heartbeat, abnormal speed and too strong. As previously described patients with anemia deficiency of oxygen in the body, which results in increased heart rate and cause irregular heartbeats pounding and also fast.

5. Fingertips pale and white when pressed.
Other characteristics are to do a simple test pressing fingertips. If a normal person when the fingertip is pressed will be flushed, unlike the case with a person suffering from anemia. Patients with anemia when the fingertip is pressed it will turn white and pale.

6. Shortness of Breath.
In addition to the above there are several characteristics of other symptoms that indicate a person suffering from anemia include shortness of breath. Due to a lack of oxygen supply in the body due to the lack of red blood cells causing anemia when in performing daily activities will often feel short of breath. Sure to watch.

7. Feel Nausea.
At the symptoms of anemia, where patients feel nauseous if people wake up or symptoms of anemia is also called morning sickness.

8. Weakened immunity.
Other symptoms of anemia are decreased immunity caused by a lack of energy intake. Patients usually be easily hurt and also feel tired due to declining immunity in the body.

9. Hair Loss.
Further symptoms in patients with anemia are experiencing thinning hair, the scalp is due to shortage of food supply to the scalp so that hair thinning will occur.

10. Pale.
Other characteristics in patients with anemia is the face will look pale and yellowish.

The need for early treatment in patients with anemia, to recognize the symptoms of anemia, or the characteristics of anemia so we can better know and more soon to know the state of our health.

If you, a friend or your family, experiencing the above symptoms sepert just consult a physician experts for review and to determine whether only the symptoms of common diseases or a symptom of anemia.

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