Parapharyngeal Abscess

An abscess is a collection of pus (dead neutrophils) that accumulates in a cavity tissue because of the infectious process (usually due to bacteria or parasites) or due to foreign objects (eg splinters, needles). This process is a reaction of protection by the tissue to prevent the spread / extension of infection to other parts of the body.

Parapharyngeal abscess is a collection of pus that forms in the parapharyngeal space. Parapharyngeal abscess occurs because parapharyngeal space infections.

Parapharyngeal space can become infected by:
  1. Direct, which is due to needle puncture due to perform tonsillectomy analgesia. Inflammation occurs because the syringes are contaminated bacteria that penetrates the thin muscle layer (superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle) that separates the parapharyngeal space of the tonsillar fossa.
  2. Suppurative process of neck lymph nodes, inside, teeth, tonsils, pharynx, nose, paranasal sinuses, mastoid and cerebral cervical be a source of infection for the parapharyngeal space abscess.
  3. Explanation of peritonsillar space infection, retropharyngeal or submandibular.

The main signs and symptoms are trismus, induration or swelling in the area around the angle of the mandible, high fever and swelling of the lateral pharyngeal wall, so that the protruding towards medial.

Nursing Diagnosis for Parapharyngeal Abscess
  1. Hyperthermia r / t infection process.
  2. Imbalanced Nutrition: less than body requirements r / t intake is less, anorexia, difficulty swallowing.
  3. Sleep pattern disturbance r / t pain, hyperthermia.
  4. Knowledge deficit: about the disease process, diet, care and treatment r / t the lack of information.