Raw Foods That Recommended, Restricted and Avoided - Diabetes Mellitus

Diet is a growing pattern of food consumption according to the physiological needs, cultural factors and religious, availability, cost / price and personal pleasure. There are many kinds of therapeutic diets is applied for the treatment of disease. Among Diabetes Mellitus, low-fat diet, a diet high in protein and low-salt diet.

The Purpose of Diet
  1. Giving food as needed.
  2. Maintaining blood sugar levels to normal / near normal.
  3. Maintaining a normal weight.
  4. Prevent blood sugar levels that are too low can cause fainting.
  5. Reduce / prevent complications.

Raw foods recommended
  • Sources of protein : fish, eggs, skinless chicken, tempeh, tofu.
  • Vegetables : spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant.
  • Fruits : apples, oranges, papaya, guava.
Raw foods are restricted
  • All sources of carbohydrate : rice, wheat bread, corn, potatoes, noodles, sticky rice.
  • Animal protein sources high in saturated fat : Sardinese, sausage, corned beef.
  • Vegetables : spinach, beans, cassava leaves, long beans.
  • Fruit : pineapple, mango, soursop, bananas.
Raw foods are avoided
  • Sugar , brown sugar , sugar cubes , honey .
  • Food / drinks are sweet : sweet cake , lunkhead , syrup , jam , chocolate , candy , sweetened condensed milk , soft drinks .
  • Seasoning sweet : oyster sauce , sweet soy sauce .
  • Sweet and preserved fruit : durian , jackfruit , tape .
  • Drinks that contain alcohol .