10 Other Uses Of Tea
Besides delicious drink with a myriad of benefits, tea has a variety of other uses.

Here are some of them:

1. Clean the carpet
Cleaning carpets with problems moldy and dirty. Spread the leaves of green tea on the carpet, let stand for 10 minutes, then use a vacuum suction.

2. Polishing glass and window
Tea can remove the remaining traces of the fingers and the skin on the glass and the window and make it shiny. Rub a damp tea bag after use the contents of the bottle or glass of water and tea.

3. Clean stains on the toilet
Tea leaves can lift stubborn stains in the bottom of the pit. Dissolve the tea for a few hours at the bottom of the pit, rinse and brush the toilet bowl.

4. Helps overcome skin exposed to the sun too much
Tea bag that has been used to help relieve pain in skin exposed to sunlight and other minor skin burn.

5. Relieves eyestrain
Moist tea bag can relieve eye bags are tired and sore around the eyes tired.

6. Relieves gums bleed
For children who have experienced a rather large and dislodged teeth, trying to compress the hollow gum with a tea bag to reduce bleeding and relieve pain.

7. Polishing Hair
Brewed tea can be a good and natural conditioner for hair. Rinse hair with water steeping tea (without sugar), let a moment, then rinse again with water.

8. Beautify Skin
To protect and beautify the skin, try to flush skin with water from green tea.

9. Relieves acne
Wash skin with water from green tea can help relieve acne. Make sure the water is not warm or hot.

10. Soften meat
Chewy meat marinate in black tea to make it softer.