Ways You Can Do to Develop the Right Brain

Have we (often) not confident that we CREATIVE? It's just a supposition that it immerses us confidence to be creative! Think and act creatively is an attempt to use the right brain (right brain hemisphere) more closely. During this time, most people only use their left brain associated with language, logic, and symbols and directed to linear thinking and vertical (from a logical conclusion to the other logical conclusion).

In a more balanced, right brain associated with emotional functions, intuitive, and spatial as well as works based kaleidoscope and lateral thinking (consider the problem from all sides and to the different things) are part of the brain that plays an important role in creativity.

The right brain will generate ideas unconventional, unsystematic, and unstructured. This does not mean the result of right-brain thinking is something arbitrary, but the ideas of the right brain deals with something new, unusual, and different from what existed before.

Here are 8 ways you can do to develop the right brain:
  1. Always ask; "Is there any other way .. ??" "That way, our brains are encouraged to seek the best alternative!"
  2. Opposing habits, routines, and traditions. "naturally an entrepreneur must have an unusual background and against tradition!"
  3. Play mental games, trying to look at the problem from different angles. Let's play rubik! Train the brain and emotions really! "
  4. Recognizing that there is more than one correct answer. "It is not permissible for a high school student who is a multiple choice exam! Because only; CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER!"
  5. Viewing the problem as a springboard to find new ideas.
  6. See mistakes and failures as a means to obtain success.
  7. Connecting ideas unrelated to find new and innovative solutions.
  8. Have "skills helicopter" is looking over and thorough review of the routine things that happen in everyday life and then take a decision in accordance with the problems encountered.