10 Most Popular Facebook Game

Facebook released 10 games the most played in the world. The list is compiled by seeing out of 100,000 monthly active users and give priority to those games with the highest scores.

From this list can be seen that the most popular games on Facebook is dominated by the game developers graduates Silicon Valley. Some game developers are from Seattle, Santa Monica, Canada, Germany, Serbia and Prague.

Interestingly, the prestige game made by Zynga Cityville has decreased in this year and being replaced by Playdom's Gardens of Time from. The concept of the game is still the same, namely to build a civilization in the city.

But in Gardens of Time, players can build a civilization from the city of Troy, the Pyramids of Egypt, Clock Tower Big Ben at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster London until the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Game lovers will be spoiled by miniature historic buildings around the world.

Here are 10 of the most popular games on Facebook in the world:

1. Gardens of Time (Playdom) - http://www.facebook.com/GardensofTime
2. The Sims Social (EA) - http://www.facebook.com/TheSimsSocial
3. Cityville (Zynga) - http://apps.facebook.com/cityville/
4. DoubleDown Casino (DoubleDown Interactive)
5. Indiana Jones Adventure World (Zynga)
6. Words With Friends (Zynga)
7. Bingo Blitz (Buffalo Studios)
8. Empires & Allies (Zynga)
9. Slotomania-Slot Machines (Playtika)
10. Diamond Dash (Wooga)