Semi Precious Gems in Klawing River
Klawing River is a river that disgorge at Mount Slamet and flows along Purbalingga district to coalesce into Serayu River in Banyumas . Currently Klawing River including favorite river to practice and traveled.

Klawing River is the main river in Purbalingga, Central Java, Indonesia. This river divides Purbalingga from north to south. Starting from the foot of Mount Slamet then continues to flow down or south through several districts and eventually empties into the area Congot, at a meeting between the River Klawing and Serayu.

Semi Precious Gems in Klawing River

Klawing River has tremendous potential. Potential stones are very beautiful. Some types of stones include : Jasper, Crystal Quartz, Hematite, Heliostone, Citrine, etc. These stones have a variety of attractive colors and after processing can be used as ornaments, carvings, gems, etc.

Various jesper including :

1. Jasper five colors
Variety of colors ; dark green, light green, turquoise, red, yellow, orange, brown, white, etc. In one stone is not uncommon there are 5 kinds of colors, and even more.

2. Jasper plated
Jasper like jesper five colors have varied, with typical have bedding lines, which gives a hint that the origin of these rocks of sedimentary rocks that have undergone metasomatic replacement.

3. Jasper pictorial.
Jasper was created because of certain chemical elements that pollute the rocks (in relation to the process of metasomatic replacement).

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