Attractions in Lombok much similar to Bali. As where we know that the star attractions of Bali in Indonesia. So it can be concluded about the attractions in Indonesia very much and become a major destination by local or foreign tourists. Back to the attractions of Lombok, a lot of tourist places that we can meet there. Including the following :

Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach is a very interesting area for tourists who want to release the fatigue of them when the holidays arrive. Especially for lovers of the beauty of the sea because of coastal ocean is still beautiful. Therefore Tourism Lombok Island becoming the answer. We can enjoy the entertainment arena that existed at Senggigi beach include snorkeling, playing canoe, surf, and enjoy the white sand beaches.

Gili Islands

Gili Island (covers Gili Trawangan, Meno and water) Of the 3 Gili, famous for its underwater scenery scattered, very beautiful blue coral, marine fish diversity. We can do the dives to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Certainly from this dyke third island into a tourist attraction that you will not miss.

Senaru Village

Senaru is the name of a village on the slopes of Mount Rinjani. At this place has a beautiful view of the terraced rice fields, and pristine waterfalls. Waterfall became the main object in this tourist spot. There are two excellent waterfalls, waterfall Spring gile, and waterfalls tilu visor. Also believe if you bathe in the waterfall will make you healthy and as if we grow young age.

Of the many attractions on the island of Lombok, surely you will try to track it down. But if your time is limited to tour the island is this, better select an option first. As it short tips from this blog. Thanks for reading the post about Down Attractions Lombok Island.