Maluku or internationally known as the Moluccas and Molukken is the oldest province in Indonesia.

Since antiquity, Maluku recognized already have a natural attraction other than spices. Consists of hundreds of islands make Maluku has a unique panoramic view on each island and invited many foreign tourists come to visit even settled in these islands. In addition to natural attractions, some relics of the colonial era is also a special attraction because they can be well preserved until now. Even in some areas, tourism is already well-known to foreign countries. Some of the famous sights in the Moluccas, among others:

1. Pintu Kota Beach

Pintu Kota Beach, this beach store unique in that there is a big hole that broke through the barrier reef, until translucent on both sides. In the hollow part of the reef where we stand on the beach, then we can see the sea directly through the hole.

Pintu Kota Beach shaped bay beach is rocky and stony beach type. Part sandy beach only a few. This beach is famous for its large rocks and black sand beaches.

2. Natsepa Beach

Natsepa beaches have white sand and crystal clear blue sea looks beautiful from the top of the cliff. This scenery is loved many a traveler.

Once satisfied playing water, a traveler can enjoy a typical dish Natsepa Beach, namely salad. Salad Natsepa Beach has a unique flavor.

3. Hunimua Beach

Hunimua beach or Liang beach, in the village of Liang, District Salahutu, Central Maluku, Maluku. It is a white sand beach with sea gradation beauty. Choose a quiet month as September-November or April-May, so not full of tourists.

Of some beaches are quite popular in Ambon, Liang Beach became one of the favorite local residents and foreign tourists as well. This beach has been known since the 1990s and even been touted as the best beach in Indonesia.

4. Ora Beach

Ora beach is located in the village of Saleman, North Seram, Central Maluku, Maluku. Access to the site is not easy.

However, the beach with bright white sand and calm blue sea water will make you forget the hustle and bustle of life in the big city. For those who go as a couple, romantic atmosphere as you approach.

5. Sulamadaha Beach

Sulamadaha beach in Ternate, has incredibly beautiful panorama. The water was very clear and dark blue. So crystal clear, many a traveler who dubbed as the Sulamadaha Beach Glass Beach.

A visit to the Moluccas not complete if you have not visited Sulamadaha Beach. In addition to the clear blue waters, this beach directly opposite hill Hiri Island. The waters are full of beautiful fish. Boating down the beach it feels very impressive.