World's Longest Motorcycle. To awarded the Guinness World Record, a plumber managed to create the world's longest motorcycle which has a length of 22 meters and can be ridden 25 people.

The motorcycle was created by Colin Furze, a plumber in Lincolnshire, England. Furze, 31 years. He extended the part of the motor body using aluminum frame.

Initially, Furze not sure motorcycle handiwork, capable of speeding. Because the body is along the tennis courts.

"In fact, it's almost impossible to keep sitting up straight," said Furze.

However, when tested several times skepticism was gone. Motorcycle engined 125 was capable of driving with a light and stable even in the rear seat has sat lined 24 people. He managed to make the engine power increased so that they can carry 24 people at a speed of 60km / h.

However, that does not mean there is no obstacle. Body length and the number of settlers, causing the rider must exert extra effort to control the steering wheel. "Steering control is quite heavy," said Furze.

In order to realize his desire, Furze known to have issued a pocket of 3,000 pound sterling.