In addition to offering a view of the beach with white sand, Indrayanti beach also equipped with facilities that are increasingly further adds to your holiday with friends and family.

Indrayanti Beach, one of the very famous beach among clusters of beach that runs along the south coast of South Mountain. The beach has become one of the favorite destinations of the tourists who come to this area. No doubt indeed if a visitor is quite booming beach compared to other beaches in the vicinity. In addition to views of white sandy beaches, crystal clear sea water with calm waves, this beach is equipped with facilities that pamper every visitor who comes. Landscape gazebo with thatched roof ready to welcome us when entering the beach area. Gazebos serves as a restaurant for visitors who want to relax enjoy the beach while enjoying a meal provided by the managers of these attractions. A variety of dishes ranging from fried rice to seafood were presented at the waterfront restaurant with the feel of this.

In addition to restaurant facilities, Indrayanti Beach is also equipped with a venue to the theme back to nature. The concept of building accommodation offered by the manager of this beach is a home-style inn with a stage and a building that resembles hanoi house belonging to the tribe in Papua. Lodging is provided all have views facing directly onto the beach. Cottage by the atmosphere back to nature combined with a beautiful view of the beach that stretches in front of the eyes, ready to spoil anyone who wants to spend the night to enjoy the atmosphere Indrayanti Beach at night.

Naming Indrayanti beach itself at first controversy. By the locals, this beach is known as "Pantai Pulang Syawal". However, after the management handed over to private parties, the beach is better known as Indrayanti Beach. Indrayanti name itself is the name of one of the managers of this beach and this name is displayed at the entrance to the beach so that the public is more familiar with the term Indrayanti Beach compared with the title "Pantai Pulang Syawal".

Indrayanti Beach is the only beach on the coast of South Mountain, Yogyakarya, Indonesia. Its management is handed over to private parties. The beach is implementing a specific policy that is giving fines to visitors littering, so cleanliness is always maintained beach. Any warning signs have been installed around the coast. Policies prohibiting the indiscriminate disposal of garbage is also accompanied by the provision of facilities adequate bins, so that visitors no longer dump them at random which may result in reduced scenic beauty along the coast. Yes, a policy should be thumbs with two thumbs up as one of the responsibilities of the manager as well as a means of raising awareness and learning to visitors not to throw rubbish indiscriminately.