Technology offers ease activity. But convenience is not always without consequence. Research has found there are some health problems due to the use of technology.

In everyday life ranging from depression up to narcissism.

Diseases due to the technological advances as reported by the Daily Record, among others:

1. Facebook Depression

Earlier this year, a group of doctors in the United States warned that teenagers can become so obsessed with Facebook and expense of health.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that neglected children on social networking sites will be more depressed than ignored in real life.

The organization warned of the risk of mental health of children who are victims of cyber-bullying and confirms that the use of some websites in the long run can affect sleep patterns and levels of self-esteem.

2. Wave Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity of Wifi to Phone Signals

From Wi-Fi to mobile phone signals, people are surrounded by wireless communication. And for some people, exposure to electromagnetic fields can make ill. Symptoms range from headaches and acute sunburn up-twitch muscles and severe pain.

An estimated 5 percent of Americans believe that they suffer from this condition and some of them have moved away to areas where wireless communication can dikonrtol strictly controlled to avoid problems.

3. Repetitive strain injury due to a lot of typing on the keyboard

Typically factory workers, tailors and musicians who most at risk of repetitive strain injury. But this time office workers can suffer from the same problem as spending too much time using the keyboard.

The use of fingers, wrist, arm, and shoulder repeatedly may cause damage that is not able to be repaired by the body from time to time. Preventive measures such as regular rest is strongly recommended.

4. Headaches for Mobile

For years, experts engaged in a heated debate over whether cell phones are dangerous or not. However, studies have shown no association between headaches and the use of mobile phones.

Research commissioned by the mobile phone manufacturer in the year 2008 and found that making a phone call just before bed can affect the quality of sleep can cause a headache the next day.

5. Reduced Hearing result of musical instruments such as the Ipod

Some diseases may be new technology over troubling during the last 10 to 15 years. But already more than 30 years since it was first raised concerns that listening to loud music through loudspeakers can damage hearing.

The iPod has replaced the Walkman, but concerns remain the same. France has banned the gadget manufacturers to produce the earphones that produce sound beyond a certain level.

6. Internet Addiction

Many psychiatrists today that offer treatment for Internet addiction and has been treating patients who say that the online world has taken over his life.

According to the US psychiatrist, Jerald Block, these conditions should be seen as a clinical disorder see the increasing number of people who are addicted to gaming and pornography on the intenet.